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      1. Nifast

        Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

        Global One Voice Solution. Simplifying your complicated component management.

        Who is Nifast?

        5 Core Values

        • Sourcing
          Global and
          Local Integration

        • Supply
          One Voice and
          Intelligent JIT

        • Quality

        • IT Platform
          Global Optimized

        • Background
          and Generalists

        Nifast Promotional Video click on the play button.

        Metal One Mitsubishi Corporation Sojitz

        Building on the expertise of Metal One and the leading Sogo-shoshas of Mitsubishi Corporation and Sojitz Corporation, we provide global solutions for fastening components and automotive parts.

        5 CORE VALUES


        Sourcing. Global and Local Integration

        Conventional Situation Local scale vendor selection

        Typical choices of sourcing are usually very limited and selecting those are time consuming.
        And moreover, it is difficult to find good local vendors.

        New World with Nifast Global and Local Integration

        As a solution partner, we provide the best consolidated line-up of vendors to you.

        • A large group of qualified vendors around the world, selected through our vendor approval system.
        • Continuous effort to propose qualified / cost competitive vendors to our customers.
        • Network to reach out to a line-up of high-quality local vendors to drive localization.

        Our values “Sourcing” in detail


        Supply. One voice and Intelligent JIT

        Conventional Situation Manual and Multiple Supply Placement

        Typically there are too many tedious tasks, due to handling multiple vendors for each automotive part and components.

        The work is rather repetitive and energy consuming regardless of their size or importance.

        New World with Nifast One Voice and Intelligent JIT

        Nifast can alleviate all of your repetitive tasks and manage your inventory allowing you to focus on your larger priorities.

        Nifast’s expertise is in dealing with troublesome parts such as fastening components.

        Our values “Supply” in detail


        Quality. Complete Ownership

        Conventional Situation Distributed Responsibility

        Quality management responsibility is spread among many different processes in the supply chain.

        This system may cause lack of actual focus on vendor quality and product quality which will cause operational problems.

        New World with Nifast Complete Ownership

        Nifast takes the responsibility in ensuring the whole process based on high standards of quality management. Here are examples of our quality commitment.

        • All suppliers are fully vetted and approved in accordance with out robust vendor approval process.
        • Our system is set up to prevent shipment of unapproved / nonconforming product to our customers.
        • In the event a nonconformance is identified, Nifast has the capability of tracing the part back to the raw material source.

        Our values “Quality” in detail


        IT Platform. Global Optimized System

        Conventional Situation Local Operational system

        Managing communication requirements (lead time, parts, distance, language) with a myriad of vendors can be troublesome.

        With growth comes increased complexity. As vendors in the supply chain increase so do the components and interactions that require management.

        New World with Nifast Global Optimized System

        Streamlining communication through Nifast allows for seamless trouble free management of production in the same quality, wherever you are.

        Our system focuses on “optimizing delivery timing”, “calculating future volume” and “adjusting for lead time of all parts”.

        Our values “IT platform” in detail


        Background. Specialists and Generalists

        Knowledge and Expertise based on the foundation of Japan’s top trading companies
        • Leading trading companies called Sogo-shoshas of high capability in finance, credit and global knowledge are the shareholders of Metal One.
        • Metal One is the parent company of Nifast, supporting its global sourcing platform and strategy.
        • Experienced and professional supply chain solution partner for fastening components and automobile parts on a global scale.

        What's Sogo-shosha?

        Our values “Background” in detail

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