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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

        Material Management

        2 simple survey tasks

        • No more
          supply delay risks
        • No more
          repetitive receipt quantity verification
        • No more
          excessive, inefficient travel to the storage warehouse
        • No more
          breaking down of mixed pallet loads
        • No more
          intricate parts cluttering on the production line
        • No more
          shipment staging
        • No more
          delays due to engineering change management

        Material PlanningSupply-Demand Forecasting
        Simply provide your forecast requirements and eliminate your supply chain worries

        Building on our proactive supply chain communication tools, we could instantly adjust supply timing across a vast number of vendors and drive down supply chain risks. You could get instant information on where your parts are, and when they will be replenished.

        Learn more about our IT Platform

        Material DeliveryCustomized JIT delivery
        Parts are ready when needed

        We ensure that just the right amount of fastening components and automotive parts are delivered at the required time.
        We also take pride in our consistent track record of bringing that high quality solution to all customers across the automotive supply chain.

        Learn more about our Supply

        Stabilize ProductionBroad Lineup of Products
        Focus on your highest priority requirements

        Based on your priorities, we can leverage our broad range of product and relevant expertise to provide worry free support for your assembly line allowing you to concentrate on your critical responsibilities.

        Learn more about our Sourcing

        Transport to Production LineLean Resource Management
        Reduce your fastener related material handling requirements

        We can reduce tedious task inherent to managing inventories while bolstering the efficiency of your production line through our lean resource management scheme.

        Learn more about our Supply

        Check out our core capabilities that underlie in realizing
        this effortless yet reliable operations

        • Sourcing
        • Supply
        • Quality
        • IT Platform
        • Background

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