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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?


        2 simple inquiry tasks

        • No more
          contacting multiple vendors
        • No more
          cross regional supply management
        • No more
          approval of new vendors
        • No more
          delays and impacts to launch

        Sourcing & AnalysesGlobal Sourcing
        Focus your energy and resources on your most critical processes

        We will work hand in hand with buyers to find best source considering capability, quality, and cost to establish the most cost efficient supply chain.
        As the supply chain solution providing arm of Metal One, we are able to access wealth of products around the globe and pick out most qualified vendors with competitive pricing.

        Learn more about our Sourcing

        Initial Product VerificationCommon Management Platform
        Focus your efforts on your most critical components

        Nifast fully understands the importance of a smooth launch. Built through years of experience, our forecasting modules have been designed to strictly control and closely monitor critical information such as necessary build and validation dates for supply as well as part validations and trial build requirements.

        Learn more about our Quality

        Transaction SetupOne Voice Management
        Reduce your vendor management Admin and IT footprint

        Nifast will work with vendors to set up necessary communications and administration protocols to establish framework for supply.

        Learn more about our IT Platform

        Check out our core capabilities that underlie in realizing
        this effortless yet reliable operations

        • Sourcing
        • Supply
        • Quality
        • IT Platform
        • Background

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