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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

        Quality Management

        2 simple checkup tasks

        • No more
          repetitive quality verifications of multiple sources
        • No more
          supply delay risks
        • No more
          resourcing of problem vendors
        • No more
          tracking multiple vendors quality issues
        • No more
          impact from product defects and delays

        Material DeliveryStrict Approval Process
        Consolidate your repetitive quality verification process

        Our vendors understand they are required to meet the highest industry quality standards, which ensures that our deliveries to you will always meet yours.

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        Check DefectsTraceability Platform
        You make just one call and we will put the solution in motion

        Our vendor performance is continually monitored to identify any delivery or quality related deficiencies. Should either occur, we have the capability to trace back to initial cause.

        Learn more about our Quality

        Stabilize ProductionSystematic Inspection
        Maximize your time on checking the most crucial automobile parts

        We enforce a thorough inspection of vendors and their supply before contracting. These inspections are carried out by calibrated equipment.
        It is in our cultural DNA to take complete ownership of providing high quality solution that ensures stable production lines.

        Learn more about our Quality

        Check out our core capabilities that underlie in realizing
        this effortless yet reliable operations

        • Sourcing
        • Supply
        • Quality
        • IT Platform
        • Background

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