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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

        Brazil (Nifast do Brasil Distribui??o, Comércio e Importa??o Ltda.)

        Our local strength

        We promote localization by utilizing a world class local supply base that allows our customers to avoid complicated customs clearance and realize competitive pricing.

        Partner suppliers lowering prices

        Utilizing our fully vetted and approved world class local supply base, we can eliminate your dependence on imports and knockdown supply.

        Expertise in all import procedures

        We have developed a streamlined process to seamlessly handle the complicated importation process in Brazil relieving you of this cumbersome task.

        Punctual delivery

        We understand the importance of on time delivery and we are committed to deliver on time, every time.

        Third party management system registration

        All automotive related division have their quality management systems certified to ISO9001 guidelines.

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        Corporate Profile

        Company Name Nifast do Brasil Distribui??o, Comércio e Importa??o Ltda.
        Establishment August, 2013
        Shareholders Metal One Corporation 99%, Metal One Steel Products Corporation 1%
        Facilities Warehouse 2,061 m2
        Number of Employees 14

        Please contact us for any inquiries