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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

        India (Nifast India Pvt. Ltd.)

        Our local strength

        Our focus is to provide solutions to allow you to meet your localization targets.

        Local supplier development

        We assist our suppliers in developing the proper quality systems to support our customer’s requirements.

        100% optical inspection

        To secure consistent quality, appropriate inspection plans are created for every part up to and including optical sorting.

        Complete traceability

        Any identified non-conforming product can be traced back to the part’s raw material.

        View more about our Quality

        Customers in India

        Our main customers are leading two wheeler and four wheeler manufacturers and their ancillaries like India Yamaha.






        Corporate Profile

        Company Name Nifast India Pvt. Ltd.
        Establishment October, 2007
        Shareholders Metal One Group 100%
        Facilities Warehouse 3,600m2
        Employees 100

        Please contact us for any inquiries