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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

        Mexico (Nifast Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.)

        Our local strength

        Based on the experience and knowledge developed by our North American network, we can support your localization requirements by expanding our sourcing platform in Mexico.

        Experienced in supporting localization

        To assist in localization to reduce cost, we have the support of our parent company’s local joint ventures and many local foreign suppliers.

        See more about our Background

        Ideal location for ideal service

        Being located in an area that is highly concentrated with OEM assembly plants and their tiers, we are positioned to provide delivery service customized to meet your needs.

        IMMEX registered company

        Nifast is registered as an IMMEX company, indicating our vast experience of importing into duty free and tax free zones.

        Third party management system registration

        All automotive related division have their quality management systems certified to ISO9001:2015 guidelines.

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        Corporate Profile

        Company Name Nifast Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.
        Establishment January, 2000
        Shareholders Nifast Corporation 99%, Nifast Canada Corporation 1%
        Facilities Warehouse 2,000m2
        Employees 6

        Please contact us for any inquiries