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      1. Metal One group Company

        Who is Nifast?

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        IT Platform

        Global Optimized System

        common platform for more efficient operations

        • 1. Common Management Platform
        • 2. Supply-Demand Forecasting

        1. Common Management Platform


        System must be tailored for each vendor in order to manage and consider differing requirements by product and global region.


        Within a supply chain system, there are a myriad of vendors with differing order requirements(QTY, Lead time, Location). Monitoring and adjusting for each vendor can be tedious and time consuming. We solve this by providing a common Global Platform for management of demand and delivery communications.

        • Common System
          Based on your needs, we can provide a common platform for interchanging data on purchase order, forecast, shipment and invoice according to your preferred format (e.g. EDI, Web Based, Text).

        • Single Global Standard
          Common management tools provide the same standard anywhere in the world. So if you set up a plant in a new location with Nifast, we can provide the same IT management in the same quality.


        Single high quality management scheme
        Our customers can effectively manage and control their supply on site, while at management level they can realize efficient controlled global expansion under one common communication partner.

        2. Supply-Demand Forecasting


        Forecasting system does not compensate for unexpected issues that can occur suddenly impacting product supply. (e.g. inventory loss and incorrect usage)


        Conventionally product demand is sent to all vendors via Forecast. The vendor prepares supply based on this information. Any problems with information vs. actual demand can result in potential shortage, costly expedites, and excess inventory. Nifast's proprietary system allows us to practice pro-active supply chain management by utilizing several data points in order to maintain consistent supply with minimal impact.

        • Proprietary Forecasting Module
          Our unique system utilizes usage history, per vehicle build volume information, regional lead time adjustment, and SOP and EOP triggers to calculate and confirm future anticipated requirement in order to ensure uninterrupted supply from Start of the program to build out.

        • Anomaly Detection
          In case of usage anomalies in forecasted volume, Nifast's system will see the discrepancy, support demand utilizing our safety inventory if necessary and our staff will contact you immediately to clarify requirements and update correct information.


        Optimized amount, optimized timing, whenever you need
        Our customers enjoy the benefits of managing slim inventory at their plant, without the need to manage over or under-stock, simply by providing their build volume and orders.

        See how these supply chain solutions could simplify your world

        • Procurement
        • Quality management
        • Material management

        Transaction SetupReduce your vendor management admin and IT footprint

        Material PlanningSimply provide your forecast requirements and eliminate your supply chain worries

        Total Nifast value is based on the fusion of 5 core values.
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        Complete solutions for any concerns you may have


        Human error when manually entering customer forecasts into our system.

        Multiple customer formats can be converted for automatic upload into our forecast module.


        Control of varying lead times from a large global supply base.

        Lead times are indicated in the forecast module by vendor and by part.


        Controlling inventory levels due to customer releases being higher / lower than their forecasts.

        Forecast module captures previous shipment data which can be compared to forecast data. Part per vehicle usage is also captured and can be compared to production volume data. Any anomalies that are detected can be quickly discussed and resolved with the customer.


        Not having the proper inventory levels to support the customer’s requirements.

        Inventory weeks on hand are monitored with minimum inventory levels set in the module.


        Errors in order quantities to our vendor due to incorrect manual entry on the purchase orders.

        The forecast module includes an auto purchase order feature that automatically creates purchase orders based on the approved data in the module.


        Having costly obsolete inventory at the end of the vehicles production life.

        The module contains an End of Production (EOP) alarm which notifies the user of the approaching EOP Staring at 180 days out with different alarms every 30 days. This alarm system allows us sufficient notice to discuss EOP timing with our customers and vendors to reduce the occurrence of obsolete inventory.